Alumnus backs Blue Demon Challenge

January 27, 2016

Alumnus Jack Cummins (LAS ’88, JD ’92) has offered his support of $25,000 if 450 donors make a gift during the Blue Demon Challenge on Jan. 28.

Why do you give to DePaul?

cummins headshots--12Jack: Supporting DePaul is important! Without the support of alumni, many students who
would be the first in their families to go to college wouldn’t get that opportunity. These students go on to become important contributors not only at DePaul, but in their professional lives and in the greater Chicago community. Alumni support enables DePaul to remain a positive force in the community, maintaining and improving its efforts to offer access to education to all who seek it.

You made your first gift 23 years ago. How has your perspective on giving changed since then, if at all?

Jack: I made my first gift to DePaul while I was still a law student. Back then, my goal was to give back at least what I’d been given. DePaul offered me academic and athletic scholarships as an undergraduate, and I wanted to repay the opportunities DePaul afforded me. Since then, I’ve determined that giving back should not be seen a one-time repayment, but as helping our university meet its annual need for support. I’m pleased to know that recently many alumni have supported DePaul during the Blue Demon Challenge. Making a matching gift is my way of encouraging even more fellow alumni to come together in support of our alma mater.

Why is it important for alumni to give back? What would you say to alumni who haven’t made a gift yet?

Jack: It’s time to start. Alumni may not realize that part of the reason we were able to receive scholarships or study in the library or experience the courses that changed our lives is because alumni who came before us intentionally chose to make a difference. I started by giving what I could afford. There’s no better time than now—during the Blue Demon Challenge—to make your first gift.

To make your Blue Demon Challenge gift, visit!