Demon darlings give back to institution that inspired their love

February 27, 2015

In 1956, on the way to the military ball—the social event of the ROTC season—Dorita Bolger-Malecki (LAS ’58) and Marty

Marty and Dorita on their wedding day.

Marty and Dorita on their wedding day.

Malecki (BUS ’58) fell in love. Although they’d never met—in fact, each came with a different date—there was a spark neither could ignore. “As soon as I got in the car, I knew I would rather have been with him,” Dorita laughs. “I just knew that we hit it off … and the rest, as they say, is history.” The couple became engaged their senior year and married in August 1959.

Marty’s direct commission took the newlyweds to Indiana and Maryland before finally settling back in the Chicagoland area after he left the service. Even while raising three children, thriving in the business world and juggling numerous volunteer commitments, the Maleckis fondly remembered their time at DePaul University. “You always have a soft spot for where you went to school, and we always felt that we could help out at DePaul,” explains Marty, who has served on the Finance Advisory Board since its inception in the 1990s. The couple also volunteers together on the Office of Alumni Relations Fifty Year Club Committee. “We just wanted to get involved, and if we could help in any way, we were happy to do it,” he adds.

The Malecki's celebrate nearly 56 years together.

The Malecki’s celebrate nearly 56 years together.

They wanted to give back not only with their time, but with their financial resources, as well. “Our focus was on students [who had to work to pay for their education like we did,]” Marty says. “We knew we weren’t going to be [naming] a building with our donation, but we love helping students who have difficulty completing their education [due to finances].” Both credit their success to the education they received at DePaul and want to ensure that the tradition can carry on well into the future. “Education is certainly one of the primary building blocks [of success],” he says. “If you go to a university like DePaul [that invests in its students], you come away with a lot of advantages. You want to be sure that this is going to continue for others.”

Dorita and Marty encourage fellow alumni to follow their lead. “We’re not going to inhabit the earth in perpetuity, so you want to leave something behind that would benefit the school,” stresses Marty. “It should be something you want to do as a recipient of this type of education and to provide for others into the future … Students can effect change down the road and benefit from your experience at DePaul.”

As Dorita and Marty celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary later this year, they reflect on what they’ve learned over the course of their marriage. “Don’t speak too quickly,” Dorita says. “It often saves a lot of trouble if you don’t say anything or choose your words carefully.” Marty adds, “There’s so many ways you can go wrong if you’re approaching life in general, and marriage in particular, by not being considerate of others.”

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