Bert Scott and Elizabeth Fender give back to School for New Learning

Bert Scott (SNL ’80) and his wife, Elizabeth Fender, recently gave $1 million to endow scholarships in DePaul’s School for New Learning (SNL).

Scott is a longtime member of the SNL Advisory Board, where his support was instrumental in developing SNL’s Center to Advance Education for Adults (CAEA). He presently co-chairs SNL’s Many Dreams, One Mission Campaign committee.

Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Scott was the youngest of three siblings. In 1978, after an earlier stint at another university, he enrolled in SNL, thanks in part to a tuition reimbursement program offered by his then-employer, Prudential Insurance Co. After graduating in 1980, Scott rose in the corporate ranks, eventually serving in top-level executive positions at Prudential, TIAA-CREF, and most recently at CIGNA Corporation, where he is president of the firm’s U.S. commercial business.

“I could not have gone to DePaul without tuition support from Prudential. There are a lot of working adults today who are as serious about learning as I was and deserve a chance to earn a college degree, but who may not have the resources to do so. Providing scholarship assistance, for us, is the way to help them.”

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