Radio DePaul named Best College Station in the Nation

Student-run Radio DePaul recently won nine awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), including the Abraham & Borst Award for Best College Station in the Nation.

The awards were announced at an IBS conference held in New York in March. A panel of professional broadcasters rated Radio DePaul as the best college radio station in the nation based on criteria such as quality of programming, service to the community, overall sound of the station, and station management and operation, says Len Mailloux, board chairman of IBS.

Other awards that Radio DePaul received at the IBS conference include:

  • Best Station Promo: Rockband Giveaway; Best Event Promo: Blue Madness; and Most Creative Show: “The Midnight Rider,” all by Nick Freeman
  • Most Innovative Show: “Days of Wonder” with Shan Kahn and Ben Gappa
  • Best Community News and Best Spot News: Charles Haines and Lars Weborg (Olympics Announcement Coverage)
  • Best Sports Update: Lars Weborg
  • Best Newscast: Erin Osmon, Jason Shough and Lars Weborg

In fall 2009, the 25-year-old Radio DePaul beefed up its programming to become a full-service station while maintaining its music roots. The station went from playing about 85 percent music to its current programming format of 55 percent music and 45 percent programming, including news, talk, sports, politics and an author’s corner featuring published DePaul faculty discussing their works. It went from providing 10 minutes of pre-recorded news to 60 minutes of live news daily.

To accommodate the sweeping changes at the radio station, Scott Vyverman, Radio DePaul faculty manager, handpicked a managerial staff of DePaul undergraduate and graduate students to provide high-quality, around-the-clock programming. The station employs 75 students, mostly on a volunteer basis.

We’re creating more access and opportunity for students,” Vyverman says. “As much as possible I want to get my students on-air and broadcasting live.”

While the station operates outside the classroom, most students who work there come from the College of Communication. The college sees the station as a teaching vehicle and a place for students to get hands-on experience.

The latest awards bring Radio DePaul up to 16 national nominations and 10 national wins in the past five years. The station also received an award for community service from DePaul’s Student Life organization two years ago.

Radio DePaul can be heard globally via the Internet at and also is available on iTunes radio.

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