Undergraduate Business Program at DePaul ranked among top 50

DePaul University’s College of Commerce has leaped into the top 50 in the BusinessWeek‘s 2010 survey of undergraduate business programs, landing at No. 40 in the national rankings.

“We have been working diligently to enhance academic quality and this ranking is external validation of the results of these efforts,” says Ray Whittington, dean of the College of Commerce. “It’s so gratifying to earn recognition for the excellence of our faculty and career services from students surveyed.”

The rankings are based on surveys of seniors majoring in business and job recruiters, as well as extensive information supplied by business school administrators on student academic achievement, program offerings and career outcomes at each institution.

DePaul received high marks from students.

“At DePaul, we are taught only by professors, not teaching assistants, and classes are very small,” wrote one student quoted by BusinessWeek. “Teaching is personalized and reflects real-world experience, and you can tell the professors truly care about your future in the professional world.”

Another wrote: “DePaul has this way of attracting fantastic firms for internships and job opportunities, and the opportunities help out a great deal in getting students started and obtaining experience in business… The advisors also go out of their way with getting you in the door of the business world, which is rare in any institution.”

Among Illinois university programs participating in the BusinessWeek survey, DePaul had the second highest standing. In total, 111 programs were ranked. To view the full rankings, visit http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/rankings/.

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